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Trena Lasha Custom Hair Collection
There are so many reasons why women have to wear wigs. Once you have accepted what your reason is its time to find one. So your search begins….you’re looking for the right size, color, style and price. There is so much to think about!!!!!
Being a wig designer I get all kinds of questions and comments about wig shopping. The most common comments are “most of the wigs look one way on the mannequin head and different on my head“ and “some just don’t look natural at all.”
Some women are ok with others knowing that they have on a wig, and some women don’t want everyone to know that it’s a wig. This is why we wanted to go with the concept of custom wigs
With TRENA – LASHA CUSTOM HAIR COLLECTION, we want to allow our clients to have options, and create a piece that they would be proud of and comfortable in. Our slogan says“Something for the everyday Woman” and that is just what we mean. Whatever it is that you do whatever place you need to be TRENA - LASHA CUSTOM HAIR COLLECTIONS  will meet your needs
 Check out our services,and call us to make an appointment.
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