What is a Wardrobe?

A person's entire collection of clothes....

So what is a Wig Wardrobe?

A person's entire collection of wigs...

That is what we are here to design for you!!! Your very own Wig Wardrobe!!!

We want to give you a collection of wigs that are tailored to fit your everyday lifestyle.

We understand that women play different roles, some are wives, mothers, career or business women. Now let's be honest the same look doesn't work for everything.

Most women who wear wigs or weaves stay committed to that one style for months. Which limits them from achieving other looks for other areas in your life. We want to FREE you from that commitment!!

Each Wig Wardrobe includes:
3- Wigs (HHK-half hand knotted, or FHK-full hand knotted)
1- Half Wig or 1- U part Wig
1- Headband
1- Night or Day Topper  (5x5 lace closure)
1- Night Head Wrap

HHK Wardrobe: $1300.00 / $1915.00 VALUE!! YOU SAVE $615.00!!!

FHK Wardrobe: $1500.00/ $2035.00 VALUE!!! YOU SAVE $535.00!!!

Call to create you Wig Wardrobe today!!!