Trena-Lasha Members receive discounts and cash commissions.
Our Membership Program is a smart and easy way to earn money, and build your wig wardrobe!!!
As a PLATINUM MEMBER your benefits will be:
  • 20% off any wig or hairpiece
  • 20% off any maintenance service
  • Monthly commission checks for membership referrals (5 memberships minimum)
  • Marketing materials (invitations and business cards)
  • Automatic eligibility for FREE WIGS, Trena-Lasha has a wig drawing once a week!!! You could be the next winner!!!
  • VIP seating to all Valentino's/Trena-Lasha events.
Bring 5 or more people to our wig parties, when 5 people (minimum) join one of our membership programs.
You will receive a:
  • 20% commission check for Platinum Members
On all wigs and hairpiece purchases from you referrals. 

( Example: if your referrals spend $2000 total, you will receive a check for $400 all platinum members) You can use it for extra cash in your pocket, or use it to build your WIG WARDROBE!!!!
You will receive a check every time your referral makes a purchase on wigs or hairpieces as long as the memberships stay active.
Commission Checks: All checks will be issued 7 to 10 business days after you referral's purchase. You will not receive full commission on payment plans. If your referral is purchasing a wig on a payment plan you will get commission on their first payment only. (Example: if their wig cost $1500 their first payment would be $500, you will receive $100 for a platinum member)
Membership Renewals: Payments for your renewals are due 6 months after you joined on the same date. So if you joined on June 3rd, then your next payment is due December 3rd. You will recieve a reminder notice prior to the due date. You can pay for the full year or twice a year.  Platinum Members Fees $40 
Cancellations: If no payment is received 5 days after your due date, you membership will be cancelled. You may re-enlist yourself at any time to re activate your membership; however, you will not receive credit for your previous referrals any longer.
Monthly and Weekly Contest Winners: All prizes must be redeemed in the next 30 days.
Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by signing up today!